Springdale Vehicle Warranty & Fleet Partners

Our Strong, high-tech, high-touch advantage

Springdale is proud to partner with the following companies to keep you safely on the road in the most cost-effective manner.

Preferred Venders

Fleet companies
  • ARI Fleet
  • Donlent Fleet
  • Element Fleet
  • Emkay Fleet
  • Enterprise Fleet
  • Lease Plan Fleet
  • Merchants Fleet
  • Wheels Inc. Fleet
Warranty companies
  • Aeverex Auto Warranty
  • CarSheild Warranty
  • Cars Warranty
  • Certified car Care Warranty Service/Custom Guard
  • CNA Warranty Co.
  • Compass Plan Warranty
  • Fidelity Warranty Services Inc.
  • Freedom Warranty of America
  • MaxCare Warranty
  • Old Republic Warranty Company
  • Protect My Car Warranty
  • Route 66 Warranty
  • The Warranty Group
  • United States Warranty Corp
  • Universal Warranty Corp
  • VehicleOne Warranty
  • Zurich Warranty Company
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