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Monthly Archives: February 2021

What Are The Symptoms of Bad Brake Calipers?

What Are The Symptoms of Bad Brake Calipers?

The Symptoms Of Bad Brake Calipers Bad break calipers have quite a few signs and are an important part of your vehicle's performance and safety. Some of the signs your brake caliper may be going bad are - Noises, which include : squealing grinding clunking metal scraping or rubbing sounds Feeling things like: Your steering wheel pulling to one side while driving Vibrations in the steering wheel when stopping Vibrations in the brake pedal when releasing your foot off of the brake. Your car taking longer to stop or more pressure to slow down. Seeing things like: Uneven wear in the brake pads Leaking brake fluid All of these are good signs you might have a caliper problem. But what are calipers and why are they important?   Calipers Have A Very Important Job Your brake calipers are what suspends your brake pads over the spinning rotor when your car is in park or drive. When you want to stop, your foot applies pressure on the brake, which lowers the calipers holding ... read more