Why You Need to Follow Factory Recommendations

Regular Checks Can Save You Hundreds Many routine maintenance steps come with owning a car. Brake pad replacement, oil change services, and wheel alignment are just a few key maintenance steps to take to keep your vehicle operating efficiently. Learn why you should follow factory recommendations to schedule these and other auto repair services to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely in Louisville. Avoid Major Auto Repair While an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, several significant issues can arise from skipping this factory recommendation. Bad oil can cause your engine to start grinding and even seize completely. Similarly, worn-out brake pads can begin to wear on your brake calipers and rotors. When you avoid a minor repair cost, it can quickly escalate to a major repair. These major repair tasks take more time and money to restore your vehicle’s performance and safety. By investing in a minor repair service, you&r ... read more


Auto Repair

Common Check Engine Light Causes

What To Trouble Shoot First Your vehicle’s check engine light is designed to offer you a warning signal for many performance issues. From a small spark plug inefficiency to a major engine issue, learn what common causes to expect from this warning signal. Damaged Oxygen Sensor A common cause of a check engine light is a damaged oxygen sensor. Your vehicle has one or more oxygen sensors that monitor air intake and exhaust. A damaged sensor can dramatically reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle, so it’s important to replace it promptly. An oxygen sensor alert can also be a sign of a more significant issue, like a clogged catalytic converter. Clogged Catalytic Converter All vehicles are equipped with a catalytic converter to reduce dangerous emissions. A catalytic converter can become clogged with contaminants over time, which reduces its efficiency. Once completely clogged, it can cause your engine to stall without warning. Have a local mechanic inspect your converter ... read more

Why is Bad Alignment Dangerous?

How To Spot Misaligned Wheels Many people don’t realize that improper wheel alignment is much more than an inconvenience. It can be extremely dangerous. Here’s what you should know about wheel alignment and the potential hazards bad alignment can cause. What Is Wheel Alignment? Wheel alignment refers to an adjustment to the suspension system of your vehicle. This is the system that connects the wheels to the vehicle. When an alignment is conducted, the angles of the tires are adjusted to make sure they track straight and true. A wheel alignment should be done every two years, as recommended by most mechanics in Louisville. However, it should also be done anytime new tires are installed—regardless of when the last alignment was performed. Some vehicles may require a wheel alignment more often than the recommended two-year span. In particular, sporty cars such as BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes may need alignments more often. Additionally, if your vehicle has tires that a ... read more


Wheel Alignment

Timing Belt Replacement

When to Replace If you want to prepare for your vehicle's needs throughout its lifespan, you need to know when it will need specific repairs. The timing belt is one part that will inevitably need replacement, and when it does, the experts at Springdale Automotive on Westport Road in Louisville, Kentucky can help! Here's how to find out when your car's timing belt will need replacement. What It Is The timing belt keeps important parts in the engine working in unison. Without it, the pistons and valves would collide. The results would be catastrophic and leave your car stuck in a standstill. Think of the timing belt and other related parts like a clock with all the gears fitting together for perfect function. When to Replace With toothed gears, the timing belt keeps important parts moving in perfect time. But these teeth can wear out over time. Vehicle manufacturers know this when they build the car, which is why they include helpful information about its replacement in the owner's manua ... read more


Timing Belt

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

When to Visit the Professionals You might not want to pay for maintenance service before your car really needs it, but there's a limit to how long you can wait before problems develop. If you notice these unusual behaviors from your vehicle, it's time for wheel alignment service at Springdale Automotive in Prospect, Kentucky. Drifting Cars that drift to the right or left on their own have poor wheel alignment. You can see if your car has this problem by testing the steering in a safe, flat location away from other vehicles. Move forward and loosen your grip on the steering wheel. If the car starts trailing in one direction, and not because of an uneven road surface, it's time for wheel alignment. Don't put your safety at risk any longer by driving a vehicle without optimal control. Worn Tires It's a good idea to inspect your tires regularly, as their condition can tell you a lot about the health of your vehicle. Use the penny test to determine if the tread is too low. If you find that ... read more


Wheel Alignment
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