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How Professionals Fix Check Engine Lights

Don't Fear, Diagnostics Are Here! For some drivers, the check engine light is the most mysterious and ominous of all the dashboard indicators. They know it means their vehicle has a problem, and sometimes fear takes that idea to its worst possible outcome. The panic sets in and they think their car is done for! But once they bring their vehicle to Springdale Automotive in Westport, Kentucky, they realize the light isn't something to fear! In fact, it's a useful message from your vehicle designed to prevent serious problems! How is that possible? Let's explore! How We Find the Problem For drivers that have never had the unfortunate experience of seeing the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard, our technicians hope to save you some trouble and stress. All the worry in the world won't tell you what's wrong with your vehicle! Understanding how we fix check engine lights will help you see that they aren't worth the fear or panic. They are just a tool used to keep your c ... read more

Car Diagnostic Tools

What Professionals Use to Fix Check Engine Lights With so many vehicles on the road running on different engines and computer systems, any number of problems could occur. That's why it's difficult to say for sure what exactly could be causing a check engine light. It's a guessing game without the use of advanced technology. But using today's technology, technicians enlist the help of diagnostic equipment in place of driver descriptions to accurately nail down problems. If your check engine light is on and you visit Springdale Automotive in Prospect, Kentucky for repairs, our technicians will use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to get information directly from your vehicle and provide accurate repairs. How They Work Unlike in the past, today's vehicles are outfitted with onboard computer systems that actively monitor the condition of parts. When something goes wrong, an alert is sent to the driver — the check engine light. Technicians plugin code readers or scanners to see w ... read more


Auto Repair

How Alignment is Important for Performance

Understanding How Your Car Works Have you ever wondered how your car manages to smoothly travel for miles? If you stop to think about it, a lot goes into a vehicle to get it moving, and even more is necessary to reach today's standards of performance. So it should come as no surprise that the littlest details in the wheels can impact your car's performance. Specifically, how they line up to meet the road plays a huge role in the stability, control, and efficiency of your vehicle. The technicians at Springdale Automotive in Brownsboro, Kentucky are here to help you see how wheel alignment works to keep your car running its best. All the Angles: Camber, Caster, & Toe These are the names technicians give to the major angles at which the wheels need to meet the road. When your vehicle leaves the manufacturer, the wheels are precisely aligned to sit in a specific position that will provide optimal results while driving around town. But unfortunately, the exact degree of an angle can't b ... read more


Wheel Alignment

Everything You Need to Know About Timing Belts

Timing Belt Replacement in Westport, Kentucky When you turn your engine on, you expect to hear a symphony of perfectly timed parts roaring together in unified power. The one part that makes all of that possible? The timing belt! If you ever find that your vehicle isn't running as it should, be sure to visit Springdale Automotive in Westport, Kentucky for possible timing belt repair or replacement! What It Is In short, the timing belt controls the movement of parts in the engine for perfect timing and performance. You can think about the system of parts like a clock with lots of gears — it's complicated. How It Works To be more specific, the timing belt connects the crankshaft and camshaft, synchronizing their rotation and the engine's valves and pistons to prevent failure. The crankshaft converts energy generated by the pistons' pounding linear movement to eventually turn the wheels. The camshaft opens and closes the engine's valves to allow air and gas to flow in and out of the ... read more


Timing Belt

Tired of Your A/C Going Out?

Get Air Conditioning Service Are you tired of your vehicle's A/C going out? No one enjoys driving around in a hot and stuffy car. To find a permanent fix to your vehicle's A/C problems, you'll first want to find a qualified auto repair team! A professional technician at Springdale Automotive in Prospect, Kentucky can identify the exact cause of your vehicle's poorly performing air conditioning to provide an accurate solution. Contact our shop for A/C repair — we can fix any system in any vehicle! If your vehicle is suffering from one of these common problems, an A/C repair could restore a comfortable and cool drive. Common A/C Problems Blowing Hot Air In the intense summer heat, it's not unusual for a vehicle's air conditioning system to blow hot air for the first few minutes after the vehicle is turned on. But when the system is in good condition, it will quickly start to cool things down inside. If you notice that your A/C always blows hot air, that's a sign that something is w ... read more


Car A/C Repair

Read Before You Buy New Motor Oil

Understanding Oil Viscosity If you change your vehicle's oil at home, instead of with the experts at Springdale Automotive in Brownsboro, Kentucky, you might already know that not all motor oils are made the same. Some are designed for high-performance cars, while others are made for vehicles that have more miles on the odometer. One key factor of different motor oils is viscosity — how thick the oil is or how easily it pours. When we talk about oil viscosity, we are talking about the consistency of the oil at different temperatures. Why Viscosity Matters Why does it matter how your oil “pours” at different temperatures? It's already in your car, isn't it? We use the idea of pouring to help drivers imagine the consistency of the motor oil. Does it pour like water or honey? The difference could impact how easily it flows throughout the engine and how well it does its job! Oil viscosity is also important in providing benefits beyond normal eng ... read more


Oil Change